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The Gift Of A Huge Twink Cock

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Braden isn't looking forward to Christmas with fighting parents, but his friend Ryan knows how to cheer the young man up! His incredible length of young twink bone doesn't often find boy butts that can take it, but this young guy certainly can. After sharing their boners with each other in some tasty cock sucking he eases his big schlong into his friend and proceeds to give his buddy an incredible fucking, all over the bedroom! The gift of creamy ball juice at the end is a perfect treat to end on.

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Boyfriends Hardcore Bedroom Banging

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Braden and Benji really enjoy showing off for their fans around the world, and we love watching them enjoying each other in the privacy of their own home too. The boys set the camera up and get jerking and sucking, but soon Benji is easing his long hard boner into his lover and fucking him until both are jerking out their jizz shots over themselves!

August 7, 2015 bradenklien Videos 0

Boys And Their Jerk Off Toys

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All boys love to enjoy some jerk off toys, but some boys like to share their play with their friends! Benji and Braden are sharing a little jerk off fun and sinking their cocks into their fleshlight toys for this double stroke show, and we get to watch as they slide those dicks in and out and unload their pent up jizz wads!

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Benji Loves A Big Dick!

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Braden has a lot of bone, but his boyfriend Benji is experienced when it comes to taking it in his ass. Within short time the boy is bent over and getting some sweet hole play from his lover, but what he really wants is that hard cock inside him! We get some great action from the perfect angle as that rod eases in and out of that plump little ass, all topped off with a splashing jizz wad over Benji's back!

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Benji Sucks My Big Dick

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Benji came over one afternoon and just told me he wanted to suck my pecker and make me jizz. I'm not gonna argue with that! I grabbed the camera and got filming as he worshiped my big cock, licking and sucking, stroking and pleasuring my nuts for me. I gave him a hot spunk load in the face at the end of it, a perfect reward for a joystick sucker like him!

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Be Sure to Thank Your Tutor!

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School may be letting out on break, but teacher Drake Mitchel isn't too excited to spend it cooped up with his family--he won't even be able to jerk off! Luckily for him, Braden Klien appreciates all the tutoring he's received and is all too willing to help him out with a hot fuck! Braden sucks Drake's cock before giving up his ass for a power fuck, too.

January 21, 2012 bradenklien Videos 0

Forget the Company Party!

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Braden Klien wants to give Julian Smiles a gift for all his help around the office, but a holiday hookup is more what he had in mind! He sucks Julian's bone and then bends over to have his other hole stuffed. Braden strokes his giant knob while his coworker pounds his ass. The two end up in a sticky mess after Julian fucks the cream out of Braden then strokes out his own load.

December 25, 2011 bradenklien Videos 0

Braden’s Takes on a Dildo Almost as Big as Him!

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Braden Klien notices the pictures of hot jocks on the wall and settles into the couch to jerk off. He rubs himself through his jeans before stripping down to his pink underwear. He ends up on his knees, working a big purple anal toy up his ass. He ends up shooting a load all over his stomach while on his back, anal toy still in his hole.

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Fixing Those Christmas Blues

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Braden Klien can't enjoy Christmas with warring parents, but he can enjoy his friend Ryan Sharp! When you've got a huge joystick like Braden, friends who can take it are few and far between! Ryan doesn't have too much trouble having that giant cock stuffed up his ass, though. Both boys cream on their lollipop before licking it clean.

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We Want to See Braden Self-Suck!

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This is Braden Klien's first shoot week in porn and he thinks it's going pretty well so far! He talks to Preston about the guy who once gave him eleven orgasms in a twenty-four hour period (our balls are sore just thinking about it!) He also claims he's able to self-suck that giant knob of his; anyone else want to see that in a solo scene?

December 18, 2011 bradenklien Random Stuff 0

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